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Thursday, August 3, 2017


Before addressing Robert Mueller and his position as "special council" I want to address James Comey first. On May 24, 2016, I posted on this blog my opinion that there would be no indictment of Hillary Clinton. All media reports portraying Comey as a paragon of virtue suggested we were being set up for exoneration of Clinton of any wrong doing. And so it was, and done in exactly the same way as I suggested.

Since Robert Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel, I have had similar thoughts as I have heard praise of Mueller's unimpeachable integrity, virtually echoing the build-up on Comey. I don't buy the hype. Mueller has hired, I believe, sixteen attorneys, most, if not all, of whom are Democrats and some have very questionable backgrounds for this assignment. Some are publically pro-Clinton and others clearly anti-Trump. My belief is that Muller will go to any length to bring indictments of President Trump, his family and/or anyone associated with him.

Now, Mueller has empowered a grand jury. This investigation will go on and on without end until someone is indicted. Anyone wonder what it's costing us?

While the effort is all about trying to find a gun behind all the smoke being created by anti-Trump, pro-Clinton people and all of those in favor of continuing the eight-decades long cultural revolution that has all but destroyed traditional America, corruption with Clintons, the DNC and Democrat operatives goes unattended. Goal? Try to find someone on the political right to indict and ignore all obvious reasons to indict some on the left. Sad and disgusting, but true. Keep the cultural revolution and the march to 3rd world alive.


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