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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


"Progressive Democrats have mastered the art of projecting themselves, their ineptitude, their shortcomings, and even their corruption, on others. Their attacks on "everything Trump" prove it. And, this may backfire on them. There are indications of that happening.

I so wish that honorable Democrats, like those I grew up with, would take control of the malignant process of the "Progressive" Democrats who are attempting to bring the Trump administration down -- and our country with them. Please prove you have the intellectual integrity that permits you to see all of President Trump's and his appointees initiatives and their whole agenda. Report on the positives of which there are several in spite of unbelievable opposition. Criticize Trump for his presentation of himself, even his ineloquent language but stop the nonsensical, dishonest, and perhaps even self-defeating assault, on "everything Trump." It shows a mind-set devoid of intellectual honesty, or lack of analytical reasoning if you claim to be honest.

However, it is impossible to ascribe honesty to those who will ignore all of the violations of the Democrats, assaults on of Rule of Law, the refusal of Obama and his minions to expose the Russian intrusion they learned of well before the election, the corrupt DOJ, and more. Instead of correcting their misdeeds, they now practice projection, the worst ever.
 "Progressives" have long been expert at projection , but now they can claim to be "grand masters" of the technique -- that is projecting their misdeeds, hostility and more as mentioned above. Stop it and realize it's also your country you're destroying, not just ours, i.e. those of us who can analyze the situation and understand the disastrous results of your efforts.

With eight decades of cultural revolution and societal decadence how can we expect an awakening of those in the revolution. Now I feel like Don Quixote and think of "Progressives" as windmills. Tilting!


Blogger Vernon Cadwallader said...

I can support the Republican agenda without supporting Trump, the man. I thought even before he got the nomination that there were psychological problems. I've seen absolutely nothing to change that assessment , I've seen plenty to reinforce it. I question the judgement of anyone who can support the man personally. I'm tired of hearing excuses for this brain dead idiot.

30 June, 2017  

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