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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


By Lt. Col. Charles Misak, USAF Retired

If we can sit aside, for a moment, all the Trump bashing by the progressive democrats and our own dislike of some of his comments and tweets—and evaluate his performance from the job he was assigned to do.

That job, to a large degree, is Article II. of the U.S. Constitution. Some of the salient points, as follows: “…. that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
In every issue that has arisen, I see he has done performed as expected, aka ordered.

Next, the Constitution states “…. he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” He has fought valiantly to uphold the laws Congress has made. For example, the practices in sanctuary cities are illegal. He has attacked those. And he has and is attacking illegal immigration-clearly against the laws of the United States. (see 8 USC 1324).

Lastly, he has issued orders to stay visas from countries where two federal agencies have stated vetting is not possible. This authority—and responsibility—is clearly laid out in 8 USC 1182(f). Several federal judges have seemed to have found a “super clause” in the Constitution which enables them to overlook federal law if enforcing that law runs counter to their sense of “social justice.” Section VI. Of the Constitution states that “This Constitution and the Laws of the United States…..” “shall be the supreme law of the Land; and the Judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or Laws of a State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” I don’t know where this leave us.

Nation-states are formed to protect us from threats—both external and internal. And for the US, at least, to secure, and protect,our liberty and freedom. To do this requires a vibrant economic system. President Trump has done much to jump start this economy, lifting the Obama restrictions on offshore drilling and the Keystone pipeline as well as onerous business regulations.

Overall, I give him high marks and hope his administration will avoid even replying to the ridiculous attacks from the left, especially the media, press and electronic, with their leftist agenda and so much control of the narratives. It is good to forget the media completely, as I have. It’s not “fake news” anymore; it’s lies.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Hillary Clinton should be ashamed to present herself as presidential. She certainly is not and she should be embarrassed by her commencement speech to Wellesley graduates. Whining and political.

I will post a few  rather singular purposed thoughts for a while, especially during this period when our government is so dysfunctional, Trump derangement syndrome is so prevalent and media bias and dishonesty so seriously influences too many people. The American Condition is clearly more critical day by day as Hillary Clinton won't accept defeat and "Progressive" Democrats are so vindictive as they try to undo the election of Pres. Trump. I will try, in my posts, to focus on defining people and issues accurately vs. media's doing the opposite 

I've heard many commencement speeches in my long life, but when Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg competed for the worst ever, I must give the #1 worst to Clinton's at Wellesley for several reasons, but surely for alluding to, if not endorsing, impeachment of President Trump. Ignorance and dishonesty competing for 1st place. No class. Totally a whining political address to graduates. She should apologize, not seek adulation. But, too many Americans are so non-discerning and even ignorant of facts. They just want their biases confirmed to not be challenged by facts not of their liking.


The only meaningful evidence, with some stretch of reality, of a Russian involvement in the presidential election was with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now, the abjectly dishonest Democrat leaders, their acolytes and minions push a connection of Trump, his staff and cabinet, with Russia. And, foolish, non-thinking Americans buy it.

Those who are pushing the sham Russian investigation are the worst among us!! And, they know that if they present the issue to enough people enough times, as with any ruse or untruth, it will become truth to their weak-minded, unthinking acolytes. Then a non-issue becomes a "case!" Again, the "Deep State" and Obama are undoubtedly complicit. The "Deep State" is undoubtedly centered in the "Intelligence Agencies." And, "leaks" are likely coming from them. Or, they are made up by media. Every single one of those in the "Deep State" and every Obama holdover should be should be replaced! Now!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


The anti-Trump, anti-traditional America counter-cultural "Progressives" will push any untruth, about Russia, about Trump, anything that will bring the Trump administration down, when untruths are spoken loud and long enough that they become "truth."

Those who are pushing the sham Russian investigation are the worst among us!! And, they know that if they present the issue to enough people enough times, as with any ruse or untruth, it will become truth to their weak-minded, unthinking acolytes and minions. Then a non-issue becomes a "case!" Media are pushing the Russian ruse and the "Deep State," centered in the "Intelligence Agencies," which are populated with anti-Trump pro-transformed America informants, are likely their sources.Many are loyal to Obama. Every single one of these people should be removed! Every thinking American should be wondering, "what is the goal of these anti-American people?" "Who benefits, who loses?"

Friday, May 26, 2017


  1. HEADS UP FOLKS: Take a minute or two for an explanation of the solid evidence that there has been collusion with Russia! Solid proof.  

Sunday, May 21, 2017


The James Comey-FBI-Trump story makes no sense. It seems the political left, "Progressives," are willing to manufacture any case to try to bring Trump down. It is difficult to divorce from the notion that this is simply more of the effort of the cultural revolutionaries to maintain control of their goal to "change America and then change the world" as Obama spoke about. Donald Trump's election was totally surprising to them and it potentially stops their "march to perdition" that we've written about in this blog. Is Comey a pawn in this movement? I wrote the piece below with this in mind.

HELP me get the James Comey story straight and correct. Comey was billed as utterly credible when investigating Hillary Clinton's violations of law and protocol in her email communications. Clinton was treated as if she did nothing wrong, even though Comey enumerated many violations. Now, her aide's husband,  Anthony Wiener, aka "Carlos Danger" when sexting, is now facing other criminal charges,  is going to jail, and he got Clinton's emails from his wife, the aide.

FBI Director (at the time) Comey identified, and reported, many unlawful actions by Clinton. Then he exonerated her thereby violating both law and protocol by making the decision that should have been made by AG Lynch who, coincidentally, had a private meeting with Bill Clinton prior to the Comey exoneration. No problem. Right? Wrong, I believe. Now it's said that Mr. Comey has memos of his meetings with people, notably President Trump, that may indict the president for malfeasance when speaking with Comey. Maybe. But nobody has seen the memos. A NYT reporter heard one read over the telephone. Memos were to "SELF." Hm! What were the dates of these memos to SELF?? Who can verify the dates and the authenticity of these memos? Oh, Comey. Is that acceptable because his credibility is unimpeachable. Did I get it right. I would like to think so, but no! I doubt truth will prevail. We can hope.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017



The left-wing media, both print and electronic, will continue to attack President Trump so long as they think they can bring down his presidency, even if they destroy America by doing so. In fact, the goal of many is that destruction. Herewith is a note I sent to a friend who wrote, in response to a full-page scurrilous fallacious advertisement in the VA Gazette about the Russia connection,  that the frenzy of the anti-Trumpers would "fizzle out." It will not!!

My considered opinion is that the "anti-Trump splinter groups" you speak of will not go away ("fizzle out").  There is a nationwide, perhaps further, orchestration of the anti-Trump movement that is more than anti-Trump.  Yes, Trump is their target, and unfortunately, he sometimes makes it easy for them with his actions, poor use of words, and lack of wisdom of what to do and say when.  That is not likely to change. His detractors will stay on the attack. Those who are shooting at him now are, in fact, the "Progressives" who have led the cultural revolution that has wrought upon us the abrogation of many of traditional American principles, aka "values" and tenets that have defined America.  I wrote about this before the election and hoped and prayed someone could defeat Hillary Clinton and stop the deliberately forced decline, societal decadence at home and loss of primacy and supremacy in world affairs.  Literally a "march to perdition over eight decades!"  Stopping Clinton potentially stopped all of these anti-American activities but we are going to have to fight to keep what the election gained.  

The kicker is that Clinton, most likely aided by two other Clintons, is leading much of what is now characterized as "The Resistance" and Barack Obama, with tens of thousands of anti-American "soldiers" is waging the wars of "the Deep State."  They are funded by wealthy Democrats.  They are organized under Obama's "Organizing for Action." Many are anarchists, in fact.

The future of America as a Representative Constitutional Republic is at stake.  The end of Obama's presidency did not, at all, mean the end to his anti-American mind-set and his goal to "change America and then change the world." To transform her into a nation of his preference.  It's fairly clear that they envisage, and will commit any act to achieve it, an America whose exceptionalism will be abrogated and whose stature will be more at parity with lesser nations.  Don't doubt this!!

The scurrilous, untruthful full-page support in The Virginia Gazette for the continued efforts by the worst among us to bring Trump down with a purely manufactured story, on the bogus Russia issue, is an example of how the "Resistance" and the "Deep State" will continue to do whatever it takes to bring down the nation, not just Trump.  The revolution has already abrogated most tenets of traditional America and the Obama DOJ, under both Holder and Lynch, have ignored The Rule of Law, the underpinning of our 1st world status.  With their continued efforts we are headed to 3rd world. PRO-AMERICA  AMERICANS MUST UNITE AND FIGHT THE "PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION!