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Friday, February 24, 2017


A "Deep State" activity, Obama's "Organizing for Action," is now underway to essentially provide resistance to the Trump administration's every policy and action. A formal "Resistance Movement" is already underway in Town Hall meetings as in Florida this week. None other than Bernie Sanders just announced that there would be 100 such resistance efforts in Town Halls this weekend. It's reported that Obama's group is 32,000 strong now with 250 new offices of operation open.

Some say "we have always had differences" and that is certainly true...and desirable. However, we are not talking about typical philosophical debates today. We're facing what can legitimately be called subversion of the Trump administration, hence the nation. They say history teaches this. NOT this, folks. At minimum we have a "shadow government forming." Totally expected as this writer discussed.

History does not, in entirety, represent today's political and societal conditions. Yes, there have always been differences and philosophical debates, sometimes more rabid than others, but I don't believe we've experienced the animus, the rancorous divide, hatred and subversion that we're experiencing today. Not since 1860 anyway. We are experiencing the abrupt stoppage of 8 decades of societal change directed at transformation of traditional America, abrogation of our founding values of morals, ethics and sense of right and wrong. Then there is the Rule of Law which is the fundamental stone upon which our 1st World status structure is built. 

I viewed Obama, from the beginning, as the patron saint of the leaders of  "Progressivism," Wilson-like "societal change and controlling administrative bureaucracies." They tried Carter and he was both too fundamentally American plus to damned ineffective, inept and he failed them.... given Reagan's skills and personality. The cultural revolutionaries have come so close to reaching their goal of control of a transformed America, transformed to a lesser nation, that "never deserved to be deemed exceptional." Obama was, and remains, their great hope. Realization of this was essentially the main driver of my getting back involved, even at a difficult time, in trying to stop him to halt the revolution. Unfortunately, we had a dud for a candidate, McCain. whom I am contemplating asking formally to resign from his Senate seat .....  Just as a side note.

As I/we hoped and prayed for, we stopped the revolution by electing Trump. NOW, the vicious efforts to oust him and subvert the government are mounting and will be massive. The Deep State is forming, has formed in fact, and the "Resistance Movement" is mounting in every district across the nation.

Republicans have long been stuck on stupid and unable to fight meaningful wars against the resistance movement and the cultural revolution. We absolutely must get unstuck from stupid!!! And we need leadership with both brains and determination. Who is that???

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


REQUEST: I ask readers to kindly list some positive outcomes of the US Department of Education programs and expenditures since the formation in 1979.

As I observe the confirmation process for President Trump's cabinet appointees, I am appalled by the ineptitude shown by US Senators in questioning the appointees -- ineptitude competing with dishonesty for dominance of the questioning.

As noted in another post herein, Trump's appointees are, by and large, of qualifications superior to vastly most of those of past presidents, especially of Obama's. Perhaps the appointee receiving the most questionable comments is Dept. of Ed. appointee, Betsy DeVoss. While I admit here that I did not hear or see her performance in the hearing, I have heard and read much since. It seems she gave answers to questions that were deemed incomplete, or just didn't satisfy the questioners -- aka Senators, most with no experience in education. I wonder how many of them have committed as much to education as has Mrs. DeVoss.

It seems that the most egregious of acts in Mrs. DeVoss' background relate to not giving allegiance to the failed Department of Education practices. And, of course, THE UNIONS. It seems that she has sought alternate programs for children who need help  -- "choice," perhaps vouchers, ??. Can anyone give evidence of how unions have advanced the cause of education of children, point to improved outcomes and better performance post public education? I think not!

We've had initiatives, one after another named programs such as "No Child Left Behind," "Rush to the Top," now "Common Core" and results get worse not better. Expenditures per student have more than doubled since 1986-90 to over $12,000/yr per student! Where are the positive results? There are none.

WE MUST HAVE IMPROVED OUTCOMES IN OUR SCHOOLS. I cannot judge if Mrs. DeVoss has the attributes to help produce positive outcomes. But, I do know that the Department of Education is all but ineffective, even defunct.

Give Betsy DeVoss a chance to improve the Department of Education or shut it down and get back to the states' control of all education.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


By Dr. Robert Warren, PhD

To many, the jihadist attack on the Louvre was just another in a very long line of Islamic terrorist attacks on the West - and France in particular. An Egyptian named Abdullah Reda Refaei al-Hamamy attacked French soldiers guarding the world famous facility - and was shot and subsequently hospitalized. Police traced his activities and discovered he had flown into Paris in January 2017. He rented a high-end hotel room in Rue de Ponthieu near the Champs-Elysees. Not surprisingly, he had no identification and it is presumed that this was a suicide attack and part of a plot.

What is significant is that Abdullah was carrying a cell phone and paint bombs as well as the machete he used on the French guards. This very unusual combination of items has led French authorities to speculate that his intent was not just to kill people but also to kill the foundation of the Western world. Had he succeeded, even to a small degree, he would have erase from history the iconic and beloved treasures of European culture.  By way of reminder, the Louvre contains the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Vermeer and others.

His act, if he had been able to accomplish it, was not unlike what ISIS is doing throughout Syria and Iraq. These barbarians have already destroyed temples, artwork, ancient towns, and more in their crazed attempts to cleanse the mid-east and prepare the way for a caliphate. History is of little concern and nothing deemed unworthy is left. This is the scorched earth destruction of cultural memory. Abdullah was a martyr to this cause.

In conclusion, President Trump’s immigration ban might or might not have stopped this type of attack on the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or the Smithsonian Institution complex in the District of Columbia. However, it is a first step of many aimed at getting control of the chaotic and uncontrolled immigration situation left by Obama. The anarchists, socialists, and other thugs of the left don’t seem to see the terrorist related damage they are encouraging and facilitating. Or maybe, in their drive to undermine America, nothing else matters.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Those responsible for anarchy and violence all appear to be leftists. We must determine who they are and who gives them the wherewithal to be so destructive and to be anarchists.

ON VIOLENCE, PROPERTY DESTRUCTION AND ANARCHY BY "PROTESTORS": I recommend that President Trump, if he can get his DOJ organized with capable and committed people, form a task force to analyze all such inappropriate, even illegal, acts of protest. Categorize them as to cause(s), who are the people and who finances them. Also, chronicle each and report publicly the cost of damage done.

NO, this is not abrogating their right to free speech. Rather, it's an attempt to apply analytical problem-solving methodology to these problems that are more intractable day-by-day. Our government has an obligation to protect people and property and quell anarchy. We must know who is responsible. Peaceful protest is a precious right, it's freedom in action, ANARCHY IS NOT. The anarchy at University of California at Berkeley is a last straw!! Do it now, Trump. Determine who is responsible and stop them with penalties.


President Trump's firing of Acting AG Sally Yates was the correct action.

ON THE DOJ: President Trump made absolutely the correct decision to fire Acting AG, Sally Yates. Trump is the CEO of the nation and as such is responsible for all that goes on in his organization. Insubordination cannot be tolerated!! Yates was insubordinate at least, a firing offense in any organization, and her actions could even be deemed subversive. The DOJ has been corrupt at least for the last 8 years, under both Holder and Lynch, most recently in abrogation of the Rule Of Law in the Clinton corruption and malfeasance cases. Now Democrats are, once again, being totally irresponsible in not approving an honorable, well-qualified person, Sen. Jeff Sessions, to be AG, who must clean up the mess of Obama's DOJ.