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Monday, September 26, 2016


Hillary Clinton has proven to be a consummate liar, even pathological. Her shills and pundits are trying hard now to brand Trump a similar liar to take focus off of Hillary. It's blatantly obvious, terribly wrong and dishonest -- Clinton-like.

I believe that most intellectually honest people know that Hillary Clinton is a prevaricator, extraordinaire, pathologically it would seem. Trump may have stretched some truth, but I don't think he can, in any way, be declared a pathological liar in the image of Clinton. It would be absolutely wrong. YET, THE THRUST OF EVERY APPEARANCE OF DEMOCRAT SHILLS AND MOST PUNDITS THE LAST FEW DAYS HAS BEEN TO DO ALL POSSIBLE TO BRAND TRUMP A LIAR. While this is wrong, disgustingly so, it is sad to realize that this kind of dishonesty is now an American Condition, one more example of the nation being "broken," a result of the sub-cultural revolution of 7 decades. The only way that I can see to try to correct the condition is to rid ourselves of as many government representatives who have been, or are a part of this decline, as possible. Hillary Clinton has been one of the cultural revolutionaries responsible for the decline her entire public life. She must not be president of the USA.

It is accurate, and not unfair, to note that Hillary Clinton has been shrouded in fogs of scandals and corruption her entire public life. The way she and Bill Clinton have built enormous wealth by selling influence, much to Middle East governments, even appears 3rd world-like. Clinton must not be put in charge of America and must not have access to the whole US Treasury.