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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Hillary Clinton's Lack of Ethics Disqualify Her to be President

As Barack Obama speaks of transformation of America, Hillary Clinton reflects the transformation of  traditional America that's been going on for decades. Obama is just worsening it. I have long observed, and often written, that the American societal condition is now largely reflective of the counter-cultural and sub-cultural movement, aka transformation, started in the 60's. Arguably, it can be said to have started in the 50's as classical Liberalism was destroyed by "Progressive." Several, even many, societal practices and behavior are now definitive of this transformed American Condition. Perhaps none is more prevalent, more prominent, than the decline in moral and ethical behavior and practices. Absolutes of morals and ethics that once defined America are replaced by relativism and whatever can be deemed legal. Arguably, this is all too common with political figures.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have always been practitioners of moral and ethical relativism. It was none other than Bill Clinton who popularized, as well as redefined, the term “situational ethics.” Today, Hillary Clinton epitomizes the abrogation of ethics and morals in her actions to obfuscate and refuse to cooperate in legitimate inquiries into her behavior and her practices as Secretary of State of the United States. A most often used phrase is, “there is no evidence” to indict her. Typically, she depends on whatever can be deemed legal. Morals and ethics are of no concern to her.

This behavior is not new for her, but it's imperative that it be defined and that Americans understand the importance of this as she seeks to lead America as president. She is simply not qualified, not by achievements for America and surely not by personal integrity.