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Monday, September 29, 2014



Ed/Owner's note: Michael Wilson is not only a profound thinker, as this piece confirms, he is a veteran who nearly gave his life in service to America. I agree totally with Mr. Wilson. I am grateful to him for permitting me to post this for our 4,000+ daily readers around the world. Here are Mr. Wilson's thoughts.

It would seem that we are stumbling inexorably into another war in the middle east. I feel absolutely nothing even approaching schadenfreude as my analyses and predictions concerning the harm done by the policies of this administration are proven correct. More American lives will be lost as a result of the policy failures of this horrible administration, and I have wept for too many dead warrior friends already in my life.
Wars are won by the application of overwhelming and devastating force at any point which cannot resist it. Nuanced reaction to enemy initiative failed us woefully in Vietnam. The attempt to employ it even in the situations in which the military stabilization had been achieved in Iraq and Afghanistan, has quickly failed. The victors are now seen by both our enemies and the populations to be weak and lacking in determination, and unwilling to stay the course. As a result, the rats are crawling out of their holes once again,and the victory is being thrown away.
Sage political leaders seldom announce their intentions beyond stating the end goal. They certainly do not announce timetables, troop movements, or the tactics to be employed therein. They do not attempt to employ friendship, conciliation, and apology with foreign national leaders who understand only power, and who see public conciliation for no good reason as weakness. They do not try to advance preposterous assessments of the enemy, going so far as to publicly insult the intelligence of any listener by suggesting that a group that calls itself the Islamic State has no connection to Islam. They do not sack effective commanders who happen to disagree with their politics, or who question the wisdom and effectiveness of proposed grand strategies as is their duty. They NEVER make threats or promises which they are not certain that they can and will back with whatever force is required.
They strengthen not just their military position, but also their strategic national posture in every other area. Had we developed our energy resources, rather than capitulating to a tiny but highly vocal and well funded environmental minority, we could now walk away from the middle east and let these people carry on with their internecine warfare that has endured, if sometimes sporadically, for more than 1,400 years. Due to this administration's ignoring the advice to strengthen our energy production we are forced to remain in the area to protect our interest in this critical resource. We are also reinforcing our enemies' strength by providing the oil revenues needed to finance their aggression aimed at us and our western allies.
Vladimir Putin, with whom the President's weak attempts at unnecessary conciliation have clearly failed, is now attempting to expand Russia's hegemony in Europe. Putin, who knows how to conduct international relations to his and his nation's advantage, is clearly taking advantage of the self destructive national emasculation that has been carried out by this administration. His major strategic advantage is that he controls the gas and oil on which western Europe is dependent, not just for commerce and industry, but for heat for the entire area. We could have precluded his march westward by relieving this dependence with our exportable energy, and without one soldier on either side deploying.
Tactically we are foolishly showing inadequate force in the areas in which our lack of strategic acumen allowed a resurgence of Islamic extremism. We send a few sorties against IS, or ISIS, or ISIL, or Al Quaeda, or whatever it is calling itself this week, which fail to wipe out enough of the enemy's strength to matter, and which allow the enemy to ensconce and insinuate itself into the local populations where it will be more difficult to effectively use our air superior against them. Quite recently the IS forces were casually and arrogantly deploying their forces out in the open, where their equipment which gave them tactical superiority over the locals could have been largely wiped out by our air superiority. The pinprick assaults against them, rather than decimating them, have simply pushed them to get the bulk of their forces into civilian areas. We are told by the administration's complicit media friends that IS(I)(L)(S) is a force to be reckoned with. While it is indeed superior to most of what we have seen from the Islamic extremists by way of conventional military strength, it is no major force by western standards. It should have been riddled by our real military by now, but since it hasn't it is now being seen as something greater than it is. It is a force that has arisen from the ashes of defeat because those with real force have allowed it to become so. It is not a Phoenix on its own, but one our making.
Much is being made of the coalition cobbled together by this administration, but how many of our ad hoc allies will actually commit the ground forces that will eventually surely be needed? Of these, how many will actually be effective, battle tested forces? When American forces will be called for to enter the fray as acknowledged combatants, as it seems probable that they will be, will they committed piecemeal and reactively as the air effort to date has been? Or will we send in enough, with realistic ROE, to ruthlessly and quickly destroy this enemy and his ability to wage war effectively? I think, sadly, that we all know the answer to this question.
Thus far I have endeavored to quietly and logically deal with the facts in evidence in this situation, without much personal political philosophizing. Please allow me some personal thoughts about the leadership, or lack of it, that has gotten to this sorry pass. If this President had devoted time to some study of the history of warfare and statecraft, which really haven't changed significantly in theory since Sun-Tzu's treatise written 2,500 years ago laid out the cogent points on how to conduct war and Machiavelli produced his comments on statecraft some 400 years ago, rather than Saul Alinsky's treatise on how to subvert democratic governments, with a cursory skim of Marx and Mao, he might have some clue as to how to conduct affairs now. This, of course, gives him (if not his inner circle) the benefit of the doubt as to real his intentions for our wonderful land. We are in serious trouble, and the man who would be leader is a feckless and internationally disrespected poltroon.
God help us, our nation, and the brave and dedicated young men and women who will once again have to risk their lives to bail out a failed leader and his poor planning.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


MY PREDICTIONS (look below for the latest after a bit of explanation)

I have found over time that many, if not most of my predictions regarding government actions, foreign affairs and special societal events have come true. For inexplicable reasons, people who lean politically left often rebut, and those most hide-bound to the left often do so vociferously, even venomously. Expletives and name calling are normal from the latter.

One dramatic example was the so-called “Arab Spring” and the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. While James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama et al were touting “Democracy in Egypt,” I wrote, in this blog,that the Muslim Brotherhood would be “elected” and would take over Egypt. It happened as expected. And, the military still may be the only entity to maintain order in Egypt.

I also wrote that a “pan-Islamic region was the goal of activists (aka radicals) in the mid-east. It is now happening. That a Caliphate will be formed is now virtually assured --- without vastly expanding a ground war.

I predicted we'd have beheading right here at home soon. I didn't expect it so soon, but it has happened. At the same time, government spokespeople, media etc. assert that there is no threat here. We haven't seen anything yet! I will post an article about terrorists in all of the Americas now, an expansion of Hezbollah in the South American “Triple Frontier” that I discovered in 2001 and published in local papers, only to be called a liar by a left-winger here. I received 3 blog comments last week regarding terrorists in all of South America. They are in Mexico......and probably in the USA. There is little doubt of the latter and we'll realize it too late.

So much for the past.



We were set up for this a few weeks back even as Justice Ginsburg denied any intent to resign. She will cooperate …. under pressure from the Executive Office. So much for an unbiased judicial system. Obama has already packed the lower courts with Liberals/Progressives.

This far left judiciary will be Obama's legacy -- great for him, bad for America.


Greed in the Welfare State: (plus Sen. Mark Warner's hypocrisy...ed note)
By Dr. Robert Warren, PhD

Whenever the word “greed” is used, it is directed at Americans who favor the individual rather than the collective. Those who save for their retirement are “hoarders”. Those who work for a living are “stealing” jobs they didn’t deserve. Owners of private companies didn’t “build that business”. And, the wealthy are just plain uncaring, undeserving – and greedy.

Greed is seldom applied to the government. Yet the government will beg, borrow and steal every dollar it wants through taxes, fees and political corruption. To expect fiscal integrity in government is to expect the impossible - as a national debt approaching 20 trillion dollars and the uncontrolled printing of money clearly demonstrates.

But greed is also an issue with the poor. There are well over 100 million Americans on some form of welfare program. Many are now so comfortable “working the system” that they have no interest in employment. Regrettably, these comfortable poor don’t care about, or even resent, the working folk who pay their bills. They are content to exchange their vote for more government largess.

President Obama sees no problem in taking from those who produce and giving to those who don’t. To transform America into a collectivist nation, the force of government must be directed at those who work, save and create. In this, he is supported by Senator Warner, - who actually did, as a lawyer, help “build that business” (NEXTEL, ed note) but now votes lock steep to undermine the very freedoms he enjoyed.

The desire for votes and the power that comes with elected office is the greed of the political class talked about by the founders. And both Obama and Warner know that the greed of the comfortable poor will help to sustain them in office. However, to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling’s warning from a hundred years ago: When man is paid for existing and no man pays for his sins, the lessons of past generations with horror and vengeance return.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Justice in the Bizarro World (satirical truth)
by Dr. Robert Warren, PhD

Editor/Owner's note: Dr. Warren will post a follow-up later
I hope readers enjoy, but also comprehend the truth and accuracy of, this satirical presentation of life today as traditional America is transformed.

I think it started a couple of years ago but, blame me, I was too busy to notice. Then with a clap of thunder and a resounding “What the heck?”, I was transported into Bizarro World. But let me step back for a minute. I grew up poor, but not impoverished. I worked my way through an education, got a job, got married and started a family, went into business and am now retired. Little did I know that this standard for American success was going to be undone and even considered an injustice.

In Bizarro World, those who save for their retirement are “hoarders”. If you aren’t out there spending and consuming then you are greedy. Even stranger, if you earn a living through work then you are a thief. Although what you have stolen is difficult to explain, and I am not competent to do so. Best consult an economist.

Decades ago, I started and grew a small business in my spare time. It helped me buy a house and then educate my kids. I thought I had built a business and added my contribution to the American Dream. But, silly me, I am now told I didn’t “build that business”. I kind of scratch my head on that one but since I am now retired I have just become a simple “hoarder”.

As we all know now, the wealthy are the scum of the earth. The investments they made and the people they employed were part of some heartless scheme to suppress the middle class. This is confusing because the middle class works and, therefore, steals so there is justice in here somewhere. Oh, all the charitable giving of the wealthy has some type of ulterior and nefarious motive, that is one of the givens.

The government is never greedy. That is the law, and even to suggest the opposite is grounds for some type of condemnation or worse. Since I cannot oppose the government’s greed, allow me to quote from a comment I made before Bizarro World appeared. “Government will beg, borrow and steal every dollar it wants through taxes, fees and political corruption. To expect fiscal integrity in government is unrealistic and actually impossible.” I have had to apologize numerous times for this comment and do so here again

Friday, September 19, 2014


After posting the previous article regarding the separatist movement and impending vote for Scottish independence from Britain, some asked why I, as an American, was concerned about internal UK "politics.:"

 This is far more than just UK politics. A vote to separate from Britain would have, almost assuredly, led to "Balkanization," financial stress, dislocations, government chaos and perhaps more that would have had worldwide impact, especially on the western world. Britain is our most reliable ally of the United States and our relationships would surely have been affected. When I spent time in Scotland and had the opportunity to speak with people both pro- and con-independence, the "pros" made somewhat convincing arguments, their passion for it making it sound convincing. But, beyond their passion, an analytical assessment of the many results to be contemplated showed their arguments not to be compelling. I came away from such discussions convinced that the separatists were misguided. I remained so until the vote yesterday.

Therefore, I applaud the 55% of Scottish people who saw through the haze, euphoria and passion of independence and voted for stability of the UK. The world will benefit. And, after discussion today with a knowledgeable Brit, a thinking person, I feel even more positive about the vote and more congratulatory to those who were wise enough to make the right decision. It's quite impressive that 85% of Scots voted.

Congratulations to my Scottish friends, especially to Robin and Mena, who introduced me to their group of friends who worked to remain with Britain and educated me quite a bit as to the wisdom of doing so. Cheers!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PAN-ISLAMIC STATE -- My prediction in July 2013

Below is a re-post of an article I wrote in July 2013 that, in reflection and now with current evidence, is spot on as I believed to be evident from information available at the time but ignored, or falsely reported by media. ARE OUR LEADERS IGNORANT, NOT ASTUTE ENOUGH TO READ TRUTHS AND FACTS IN REAL TIME.... OR ARE THEY COMPLICIT IN THE EVENTS? The way Mr. Obama has treated the ISIS threat compels the question, especially the latter. Sorry to come to this position. This issue takes me back to my May 1, 2013 post, "Obama--Inept or Deliberately Destroying Traditional America?" I chose to think ineptitude then. More and more I must wonder and reassess the issue.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

EGYPT IS NO DEMOCRACY -- The Arab Spring Fallacies

03 July 2013


The following is a response to a question about the current demonstrations in Egypt and how the “democracy” will be affected. There is no democracy in Egypt.

Democracy as we define it hardly fits the situation in that part of the world (I'll go ahead and say it and be criticized....the world of Islam). The time to have dealt with what would predictably be chaos and theocratic control was during the improperly characterized "Arab Spring." Hillary Clinton and others, such as the hapless James Clapper praised the Muslim Brotherhood as being "Democratic." Clapper even called the Muslim Brotherhood "secular."

At that time I wrote in the blog a rebuttal predicting that the MB would prevail and Egypt would fall under theocratic control. The question is, "Were Clinton, Clapper and others so ignorant as to believe what they preached or did they and President Obama have a different agenda under the guise of supporting "democracy?" I think I know the answer, but I'll be castigated for either one. I believe we are looking at the formation of a pan-Islamic region. I believe Obama is comfortable with that. Even Turkey's Prime Minister, Erdogan is trying hard to be a part of it...undoing all the Ataturk did 90+ years ago to make Turkey a secular Democratic state. Neither ignorance nor deceptive support by the USA of theocratic control of the region is acceptable. The media is sycophantic and complicit. More to be written later.