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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have written about many questionable events and failed policies that show President Obama and those in his administration are not qualified either by experience, or by action, to govern the United States of America. All are serious displays if incompetence, but none are more egregious than the dereliction of duty in dealing with the massacre of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya. While the major news outlets are covering up the facts of this disaster until after the election Nov. 6, as previously reported, there is enough news available from various sources for Americans to learn the truth. And, the truth is damning, not only for agencies such as State, but for President Obama himself. Even DOD Secretary Panetta is pathetic in his commentary! Even Gen. David Patreus' actions are not clear.
What does seem clear now is that Predident Obama and his staff knew in real time what was happening and ignored it. Obama even went off on a campaign trip to Las Vegas and left the disaster unmanaged and unattended. Sec. of State Clinton, CIA Director Patreus and DOD Sec. Panetta can all make excuses and fall on their sword for Obama, but it doesn't change the fact that as President of The United States, Obama was derelict as our sovereignty was assaulted and 4 Americans died -- and ACT OF WAR.  What have we come to with this administration? What will we be with an extension of this administration if Obama is reelected? Every young person should shudder to think of the possibility!
Are enough of them informed? Do they really comprehend? I hope so, but I believe too many aren't and don't. The youth are the one's to suffer most from bungled management of American government. Yes, that's what it is. Elect people with no experience with only prejudices to guide them and radicals surrounding them and that's what we get.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have recently written, with concern about the Libyan massacre cover-up, that the media are "in violation of journalistic ethics and standards." Charles Krauthammer writes, with more credibility than I have, that they commit "journalistic malpractice." The Washington Post's endorsement of Obama and two recent columns by Richard Cohen epitomize that phenomenon. Here is a letter I submitted today to The Daily Press, a Tribune paper.  

In a recent column Richard Cohen asked, “could a worse candidate than Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain” have run for president? While not a supporter of either, I rebutted that Barrack Obama met that criterion. Cohen's column today (30 Oct.) might be interpreted as agreeing with my rebuttal, but ignoring it. He notes a litany of failures, disappointments and inadequacies of President Obama and strangely declares him “not in the mold of RFK.” However, Cohen “will vote for Obama,” his rationale being to “prevent Republicans from sacking government,” not because he reflexively supports the ideological left, even in failure.

Recently, The Washington Post ran a list of Obama failures similar to Cohen's. Not at all surprisingly, they endorsed Obama with justification no more persuasive than Cohen's, and dishonesty equal to his.

Such intellectual dishonesty is now all pervasive with most of the print media pundits and virtually all of the broadcast media – those with the most ink and the loudest megaphones with which to influence voters. I wrote recently that the media are guilty of “violation of journalistic ethics.” Charles Krauthammer calls their bias “journalistic malpractice.” So it is. How did it get this way? Is it not apparent to them that, while their influence is waning, they still influence enough people to keep us on the path to perdition if the Obama policies are maintained. Is this what they want? Where will they be if Obama transforms America according to his model? Chavez, Putin and the Castros have also endorsed Obama. Think about it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The way the murders in Libya were, and are being, handled by President Obama and the administration is abhorrant. This is a disqualifier that has been downplayed, not only by Obama and his people, but by the media as well. It's a travesty, and no president who handles such a critical issue as an act of war, which these attacks were and are, should be re-elected to make more similar mistakes and cover-ups. I suppose few will be convinced at this point, but hopefully some will. Those who are more concerned about such singular, non-critical, issues such as same-sex marriage and are ignorant, or dismissive, of the critical conditions of the nation as debt, national security, and much more, will not be swayed. Their eyes are closed, as are their minds. But, hopefully some who want truth and are open to analyzing real information and data so as to make a decison as to what is best for 100% of Americans, not just a few, will be prompted to seek truth and make decisions accordingly. Mr. Obama has many glowing disqualifiers. I will try to write about a few as energy permits.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Rebuttal To a "misguided" rebuttal of my endorsement editorial, "The Case for Romney," published Sept 19, 2012 and posted here Sept 24.

The inaccuracy of Steve Pasco's rebuttal of my September 19 essay delineating reasons Obama should not be reelected was trumped by The Gazette's headline, “Let's Discuss Issues Factually.” My essay is based on fact and honest analysis of Obama's failed policies. But, I agree. Let's talk facts and analyze Pasco's accusations. His essay is highly flawed, disingenuous and misleading.

Pasco's assertion that criticism of the Obama administration's policies indicates hatred of Obama is biased and disingenuous. It's wrong, insulting and a disservice to readers.

I became active in 2008 to lead people here to defeat Obama (and did overwhelmingly here), not because we hated him, but because we loved America. Research into Obama's background revealed that he had less to qualify him than any presidential candidate in history – no accountable jobs and no management experience. His associations with anti-American radicals, defined him as one of them. Intimidated by the threat of being called a racist, John McCain would not define, or confront, Obama. He even refused to mention Obama's associations. Birds of a feather do flock together. When a president is elected, associates are appointed too. Obama has appointed many of his to key jobs, many you never hear of but they wield power with little control. EPA and DOE heads are but two, who have power without control. Chu of DOE wants gasoline prices equivalent to Europe, $7.00 /gallon when he declared it, now $9.00/ gallon. And, Obama declares he's helping the middle class!

Pasco states “to blame all the ills of the economy on President Obama is myopic and disingenuous.” Obama was not blamed for the meltdown. But, as president, it's his responsible to lead policy development to solve problems. His policies have not solved problems and have exacerbated some. Misguided energy policies and monetary stimulation of a structurally impaired economy exemplify the failures. Obama might have had some success had he used FDR's approach of employing people rather than paying off special interests. The economy is likely to remain mired under 2% GDP growth until structural deficiencies are corrected.

Pasco is not helpful by misleading readers with a vague and inappropriate reference to “American macro-economics.” He and the readers he wants to influence could benefit from an understanding of the cause of the economic collapse – bursting of the housing bubble and bank abuse that was a part of it. To understand this, readers must look at Bill Clinton's 1994 executive order expanding the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. It exploded the housing market 2-fold in one year and to 4-fold any prior peak. Mortgage floodgates were opened at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in both and sub-prime and prime mortgages. Banks abused the market by selling mortgage-backed investments worldwide. Borrowers defaulted and investments collapsed. The meltdown was on. Obama's policies have not addressed the loss of this segment of the economy.
Romney has a record of accomplishment and a history of surrounding himself with competent experienced people in his business and in governing Massachusetts. Pasco's refuting this misleads readers. He either is ignorant of management practices, as are Obama and his appointees, or he is being disingenuous again.

Obama's failed domestic policies disqualify him for reelection. So do his foreign policies. Obama avowed he'd cement favorable relations worldwide. It hasn't happened in spite of hype to the contrary. From not recognizing Iran's Green Movement to free Iranians from a radical theocracy to not resisting the Muslim Brotherhood's rise in Egypt to the most recent murders of Americans in Libya, to stiff-arming Israel, he has failed. His vow to cooperate with Russia's Dmitry Medvedev after reelection is unacceptable. How about Latin America and most of Europe, especially Poland?

Pasco ascribes our problems to the two-party system. More factual is that the best among us don't present for election and the lesser ones are elected by non-discerning, uninformed voters. So it is with Obama. I stand by my essay and add failed foreign policies as to why Romney must defeat Obama.

Joe Mann

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BISHOP EARL JACKSON -- "An American, not an Arican American"

This is a video I wish all Americans, especially blacks and Progressives who use them, could see. I know Bishop Jackson. The first time I met him and heard him speak he opened the speech with, "I'm Bishop Earl Jackson, I am an American, not an African-American, an American. Bishop is a true patriot. I've had him speak to CARMA group here in my town and have met him several times. I am more impressed each time I see him. He is so courageous and could be the best role model any black person, and others, they could have. It always baffles me to think that blacks vote reflexively for Democrats when the Dems simply use them and count on their vote. Barack Obama is no exception! Please listen to Bishop's message to blacks.

LYING - the dominant word in Obama supporters' vocabulary

This note is to the publisher of The Virginia Gazette that I sent spontaneously after we discussed a rebuttal to an essay and a couple letters from non-thinkers accused me of "half truths," of being disingenuous in telling the truth in a Romney-supporting editorial (published here) of  hatred for Obama. It seems these guys are so accustomed to lying that they think all of us do. It has become the dominant word in their vocabulary and even enhanced after the 1st debate. Honesty is not in their lexicon! More on this in a later post.

I am so damn tired of the lying and other scurrilous behavior that I'm about to go into exile again to finish out life's winter season. I quickly wrote off all Republicans except Romney. While he's not ideal to many, I truly believe he has the management acumen to correct major problems and the character to help us get off what I view seriously as a path to perdition. Even with these thoughts, I believe we may have declined in character to the extent that our culture is forever changed...the new norm?? in modern lingo. When I think of JFK's admonition, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for your country" and Obama's pandering to those who do what JFK asked us not to do. I think of Truman who's famous for "the buck stops here" and Obama who's constant refrain is... ain't my fault, man (paraphrased). I think of my two grandfathers, one an ardent Democrat because FDR gave him a job he needed to feed his family and one a Republican, who kept enough land after losing most during the depression, to grub a living and wanted no part of government help. Culturally, they were two peas in a pod. Values were the same, their faith and common family interests bound them as brothers. Their word was truly their bond. Lying would send one straight to hell, not passing go, not buying a ticket out and not parking in purgatory for a while. Sorry.... on a roll.. .. but, I think there is a good chance that our culture is permanently altered for the worse. Lying and cheating are now acceptable.
Yes, I know you didn't ask for a diatribe, so forgive me...J

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This video and Huffington Post's way of reporting it as basically a conservative hit piece epitomizes some of the negatives of Obama and how far his sycophantic media will go to protect him from himself. We are in an age where the media, those who have the lodest megaphones and the most access to a non-thinking electorate, are the main electors of the president as well as other major offices. Sadly, it is not likely to stop.
It's entirely plausible that an Obama reelection will assure that. A state media a la Venezuela is absolutely possible. By the way, Hugo Chavez just announced his support for Obama. In Latin America, many put Chavez, Castro, Evo Morales, and Carrea in the same pod. Not too far-fetched. This election will elucidate it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DEATH PANELS NECESSARY -- From an Obama "Czar"

For those in denial of what Obamacare will do to ration healthcare, this might be helpful. For those who don't care or just accept the misinformation from the Obama administration and prefer to blindly and thoughtlessly stay on the pathe to perdition, it won't matter. No need to read.
I'm sure the Obama shills will hastily counter that the writer, Steve Ratner, is Obama's car czar, not healthcare. I can anticipate their rhetoric before they start delivery. hesitated to use the term "death panels" but it is appropos. Obamacare's 15-member advisory council will alocate healthcare.... not just for senior, but for all. Seniors over 70 will be hardest hit.

As one in need of a lung transplant 3+ years ago for survival a few more years, I would surely not be alive under Obamacare. There are a few who oppose my writing who would have preferred that I'd been denied, but I hope there are a few who support it. Thank you.