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Saturday, September 29, 2012


It's not likely you'll find this link on such far left websites asThe Pragmatic (an oxymoron!), but it is reality.

This depicts the voter who will reelect Obama and, hence, will determine what kind of America we will live in -- a collectivist society (aka Marxism) It's all but impossible to convince people predisposed to vote the "D," or those who buy the misinformation of Obama and the media, of this. But, the reality is that Obama promised to "transform America" and all of his actions show that he means just that.

Young people will help make this happen, along with many misguided seniors who vote reflexively for the "D." They will be relegating all Americans to subjugation to the state. Yes, Obama is a true statist. For many of us it won't matter, but for the youth, they are voting to shorten the path to perdition, like lemmings off the cliff. TRAGIC!

I'm reminded of a home health care nurse who "loved to hear Obama talk." I asked her what she thought of his governance. She said, "maybe he buy me a house." I asked how would he do it. "He got lots of money." Yes, he will have, and he'll have much of hers. SAD!

I realize I'm wasting time, in all likelihood, but occasionally I find someone who wants to understand. Most do no not. There minds are set.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I'm posting a comment from a reader for more to see. I am in total agreement with the commentary and will write more in a day or two. When I speak of Obama "transforming America" as he has promised, the comments below are exactly what he intends. It should be clear to all.....but isn't. That is what I, and my network, are fighting. I THANK THE COMMENTER FOR THE INSIGHTFUL ASSESSMENT.
I have no disagreement with your analysis, but virtually all writers miss the extraordinary ways Obama is altering the bureaucracy and its misuse of laws behind the scenes. While the economic crisis is severe, the poisonous changes throughout government are equally devestating in the short and long term. The "czars" are there for a reason, and that is to transform government from within, while no one is looking or able to ferret out what is taking place. The few reported instances of overriding the Constitution, laws and regulations are only the tip of the iceberg, and even these are not reported sufficiently for the public to understand the magnitude and meaaning of the changes.

Monday, September 24, 2012


This editorial/essay was written at request of, and published by, the Virginia Gazette, a Tribune paper. I address the critical domestic/economic failures. They are profound and disqualify Obama for another term. A piece on foreign policy will issue next. However, The Gazette ran a very good editorial on Sept. 22 by a journalist and a former ambassador who outline failures of Obama is foreign policy. The Times Dispatch ran an editorial on Sunday, Sept. 23 on Obama's failed foreign policies even more compelling than the Gazette piece. How anyone who knows of Obamas's failures can still vote for him is incomprehensible.

THE CASE FOR ROMNEY The Virginia Gazette, Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The 20 12 presidential election is the most critical election since 1860. Americans are as polarized now as then and are becoming more so. America has systemic, life-threatening issues. A stagnating economy with structural problems, crushing debt now 109% of GDP(up over 50% in 4 years), 23 million people unemployed, and burgeoning rolls of government dependents together threaten America's solvency, sovereignty and national security. The Obama administration is ineffective in dealing with these issues. Our national condition is truly critical!

President Obama, with no accountable operating or management background, was elected on hope. He's made fatal mistakes. An effective manager/leader appoints, to key positions, people with expertise he/she doesn't have. Obama didn't. He appointed people like himself. His economic advisers are theoreticians who promote concepts not applicable to our economic condition. Many advisers are steeped in collectivism. Obama's is a statist. Personal opinions and political considerations drive many decisions. President Obama and AG Holder often ignore the constitution as they abrogate laws. Even if Obama is given credit for good intentions (and I don't), they are wrong. Some facts are exemplary of failure of the Obama administration.

The economic downturn is not a typical imbalance of supply and demand. It's a collapse of a whole segment of the economic engine – housing construction. The administration's attempt to stimulate demand is not unlike blowing two cylinders in a racing engine and trying to recover by applying more fuel. The fuel is wasted, the car stalls.

The economy is underpinned by oil. Obama's not approving the Keystone pipeline and restricting drilling can be likened to destroying the foundation of a house with structural problems and expecting it still to stand. Loss of jobs is in the tens of thousands, and more. All of this is done as refined petroleum products overtake airplanes as the number one export while President Obama sets a goal of 50% increase in exports. Then there is the price of gasoline! How wrong can a policy be?

How about the closure of hundreds of coal mines which Obama promised he'd do and if they stayed open he'd “bankrupt them.” He is doing so and costing thousands of jobs. He's keeping that promise, one of few.

An effective CEO, or leader of any enterprise knows, “the enterprise is reinvented when it's at peak performance.” Obama's effort to subsidize solar and wind energy in a stalled economy is wrong.

Manufacturing, where the middle class prospered, is only 10% of GDP and 9% of employment. Excess union and government pressure are responsible for much of the loss in this sector. Obama's focus on unions and government control is wrong.

America needs what we in the operating arena know as a “workout.” All aspects of the enterprise are examined by experts. Solutions for problems are found with analytical problem-solving approaches.

This is what Mitt Romney has done his entire professional life from rescuing the insolvent Olympics to re-structuring failing corporations. This is reality! Forget the misleading campaign charges.

Solving our major problems is of urgent priority. Romney will do as he did as governor of Massachusetts and as Reagan did as president. He'll appoint experts, not political activists. He'll hold them accountable and manage them. They will report to him, the CEO. With their input he will guide development of policies to solve problems and correct our critical national condition.

I would hope that all Americans will pull together to halt the transformation of America. I'd hope seniors would ignore the threat of losing medicare under Romney and realize the loss of much medical treatment for those over 70 is already a part of Obamacare. Vote to benefit our progeny. Young people, forgo your individual special issues, vote to cure our national ills and get off the path to perdition. Special interests will seem unimportant as America is transformed to collectivism in a second Obama term. To maintain a strong traditional America we need a Romney presidency.

Joe A. Mann holds a PhD from GA Tech and is CEO and Founder of The Mann Group, International Consultants in Management, Marketing and Technology Strategies. The Virginia Gazette requested he write this editorial.

Monday, September 17, 2012


It is truly reprehensible, and worse that the media is all-consumed in criticizing Mitt Romney for making a statement about the deplorable anti-American activities, including murder of Americans in LIbYa, while ignoring the fact that the Commander and Chief, Obama, downplays the events. He's been too busy campaigning to govern for 13 months.
The major media also are blatantly pro-Obama and showing it. This is the epitome of irresponsibility, but who cares? Surely not Obama supporters. Surely not those who vote reflexively for the "D" although the "D" isn't what it used to be.
The major media remain disgustingly complicit with the Obama administrations assertions that America is more respected today than pre-Obama. This is absolutely FALSE. I get comments from many parts of the world...... and they quite different from the administration hype. Just today polls came out from the mid-east.... Jordan, Pakistan and Egypt showing the image of America is double-digit worse than it was 4 years ago. This is serious!
The controllers of the messages to masses of Americans determine how America is governed. They determine our future, and in today's culture, that means an America transformed to a collectivist society -- even Marxist if Obama gets a 2nd term. Yes, think about it and look at Obama's background and listen to his statements, especially befor being elected.
Americans, wake up and insist on accurate information, It's available, but you may have to do more than turn on the left-biased TV to get it. Your future is in your hands, but you're letting the worst among us decide it for you. Harsh? No. Just trying to send a wake-up call. Will it be heard?


This is billed as a parody but, in fact, is a scurrilous hit piece against all Republicans....really all who oppose Obama and the far-left radical Progressive push for control of America. It forgoes any semblance of honesty and civility. It is designed to incite hatred in those who support Obama. Unfortunately, it depicts the real nature and attitude of the "progressive (radical left) that have become controlling parasites on the once honorable and proud Democratic Party.
If one doesn't recognize the real nature of this video and the real intent of the radical movement to demonize all who oppose them, then one doesn't want to see reality and truth.
Fact is that many, if not most, who lean left and think the Democratic Party is what it once was, will buy into it without thought.
Sad but true.... traditional America's life hangs in the balance. We are less than 2 months away from determining how deep she is in the winter season of her life.... or if enough voters will recognize the critical condition she is in and vote to stop her transformation as promised by candidate Obama. Remember these words just before the 2009 inauguration -- "we are 5 weeks from transforming America."
Or these words as a candidate -- "we will change America and then change the world."
Or these words -- "we are the people we have been waiting for."
This "parody," that isn't, is to "fire up" those who support these statements.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012




It was a beautiful September morning in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, as it was in New York. I had enjoyed my favorite Mexican breakfast, machaca nortena (eggs & dried beef, jalapenos, more) and papaya. I bade adios to the smiling breakfast cook and waiter, both of whom always made me feel it was very important to serve me. I checked out of the hotel, chatted with the friendly manager, who asked me if I'd return in one week as usual. No, maybe two to three weeks. After going home, I had to go to Scotland to negotiate a contract with SGL Carbon to convert Mann Industries-Grupo Cydsa carbon fiber precursor into carbon fiber for aircraft brakes. Our recent work had been very successful, the outlook positive. The day was good! Until I entered the waiting car and my driver/engineer said a “small plane had hit a New York Trade Center tower”. Soon, as we drove the 25 minutes to our office and factory, another plane hit the building. I said to Victor, “this is no accident, it's an attack. Please hurry!”

In the office we soon watched the towers fall. It's difficult to describe my feelings. I was stunned, angry and numb. My friendly associates were incredulous. There were expressions of sorrow, many typical Mexican embraces and one not too surprising negative voice from the company Director General, who often had different opinions. He said, “This is inside Gringo job, no one outside could do it.” “This is what happens when you are biggest and most powerful.” Obviously, these two comments didn't comport. I said very forcefully, “I am in no frame of mind to accept such nonsense. You will not say it again, please!” He didn't. Later, in private, he apologized and assured me I was among friends and they would do all possible to help. He did. They did! And, so did others. I spent the rest of the day in the offices trying to get a flight and was assured no planes would fly, even for days.

Carol called immediately to assure me she was safe. But, my concern was what the follow-up would be. Carol and our niece and nephew were in Williamsburg, Virginia, surrounded by military facilities and even a CIA center. Daughter Susan and family, as well as Carol's sister, were in Northern Virginia, her mother in Maryland, within minutes of the center of government. Daughter Leigh was in Greensboro, NC near one of the largest fuel storage depots in the East. My mother was seemingly safe in West Virginia, but only minutes from The Greenbrier Resort, which had been the “secret hiding place” for government officials in time of emergency since the 60s. Was it still? Soon, I had a different challenge -- convincing Carol I could not get 1000 miles to the border and she and “the kids” must not even consider driving 1000 miles south. An assistant, Maricruz, helped me with an excuse when I asked her about a bus to the border. She vetoed it forcefully saying it was very dangerous. “You could die.” “We will not 'approve' it,” she said in excited-Latina Espanol. That worked as I pondered other alternatives.
In the third day, friends in Monterrey learned, they thought, that Continental would start flights from McAllen, Texas. There were reported problems crossing the border, but they would hire a person who knew how to get across without problems. They engaged the driver, I booked the flight out of McAllen only to be told within hours that no planes would fly. When I rescheduled McAllen, Continental canceled my priority. I was now in worse position, but for the best of intentions.

There is a story, or more than one, here. Please indulge me. Thanks.

The airport hotel filled quickly with people coming from many areas trying to get to the USA. I met many interesting people. A most interesting person was a lovely Latina, an American citizen, with her physician husband from Tampa, FL. She came from Veracruz and had been visiting her family there. We became friendly, exchanged credentials and agreed to try to stay in touch. At one point she became a bit emotional, as a Latina can be, often charmingly so. But, she was serious and so intense. She took my jacket lapels in her hands and with her face no more than inches from mine, she said, “Dr. Mann, you must believe me when I tell you something.” Of course I would. She said,“Americans do not know the 'bad things' happening.” She told me that Middle Easterners were paying large amounts of money to groups in Mexico to "make them look like Mexicans,” teach them Spanish, help them get Visas and to get across the border into the United States. I asked if she knew any of the groups. She tensed noticeably. I asked if her family was involved. Her expression said they were and her husbands slight nod confirmed it. She implored me to “tell our government.” I asked if she would do the same knowing, she wouldn't and couldn't. She said her family would be in danger. For sure! I understood and promised I would not reveal her identity but would tell our government. When I finally got home, I engaged a friend with DOD credentials and credibility I didn't have. We issued a report to agency heads whom he knew. We were told that we might never hear how they dealt with it. We didn't.

I also learned that Hezbollah had a presence in the “Tri-Border region of S. America, known as the “Triple Frontier.” They were building a “base” of some kind. Not much was known. However, a few credible people confirmed that it was discussed among certain people, but not widely reported. Not until 2007 was either of these issues reported by Pablo Gato of Telemundo and Richard Windrem of NBC News. The stated intent of Hezbollah was to “get to the USA if anything happened to Iran.” Today, there are over 12,000 Google references. In 2008, I published an article along with a proposal to deal with immigration and terrorism, “IMMIGRATION BEYOND WALLS.” I gave well-received speeches as well.
Again, in 2011, I updated the “Immigration” article and included the reference to Hezbollah. It was well-received except for one ignorant person who accused me of stretching the truth. Hezbollah couldn't possible be where I said and where reported He'd been cavorting in Argentina and didn't see anything. He didn't look at the 12,000 references. Why do I write this?
I'm writing simply to indicate how foolish people can be, especially on immigration and terrorism issues But, they influence others. And, I'm reminded of the colleague who thought the towers came down under “gringo actions.” But he relented. Now I think of one of arguably the most undesirable, and in my opinion, one of the the dumbest, women in America, Rosie O'Donnell. She chooses to be ignorant and also claims the towers succumbed to an inside conspiracy. Her justification? “Never has fire melted steel!” Obviously, she is abjectly ignorant but that doesn't silence her voice. The sad fact is, foolish people like this one do influence others....and they get paid well by media to be what they are. There are many more. Can you say Bill Maher of HBO and Alan Colmes of FOX News? But, I'm digressing to make a point.

Oh yes, I also met a couple from Berkeley, CA. Both were professors, he of philosophy. He educated me in Jungian philosophy and the interest continues. He has also sent me a book. Little things can mean a lot. Something positive!

At the airport hotel I met an American Airlines flight crew. I had dinner twice with the captain and a couple of flight attendants. I told them of my plight with Continental Airlines. The captain said they'd find a seat for me and instructed me to go to an American agent, who'd have my name, and tell the agent he had sent me. I'd “have to fly coach,” though. Big deal! If I were on Continental, I'd be in seat 11-A on an ERJ 145, the best seat in the "tin can" for leg room. I bought a ticket for a flight scheduled the next day, the 6th day of being stranded. I had breakfast with the captain and two attendants the morning of the flight and introduced them to my favorite breakfast. The restaurant was full of people, mostly ready to travel. It came time to fly.

As I entered the plane, one attendant was standing in front of the galley and the captain and co-pilot were standing in the doorway to the cockpit. The three of us spoke briefly as passengers filed into the cabin. I settled into my AISLE seat. The 2nd flight attendant came by, welcomed me and told me “we are happy to have you aboard.” They were very nice people! Soon after we were airborne, the man behind me began to talk rather loudly revealing that his IQ probably wasn't in triple digits. He was talking to the person in the middle and another across the aisle. They seemed tolerant, but didn't respond. He may have been Rosie's mentor since he spouted the nonsense that the towers came down by “explosives planted in the building by insiders.” I was in no frame of mind to listen very long. I stood up, faced him, and simply looked at him for a while. He said nothing to me and stopped talking. But, only for a few minutes. He started again by trying to explain why there had to be explosives and that burning fuel could not have “melted steel and concrete.” I suppose I was more arrogant than the others around him, but I was in no mood to hear him any longer.
I stood up, leaned over the back of my seat and said, “Sir, I've had enough of your loud nonsensical bantering. I suspect no one wants to be subjected to more of it. Folks are rather somber and relieved to be heading home. Now, be quiet!” A few in earshot applauded lightly. He shut up. I sat down to read. A flight attendant came by, ostensibly to bring me something. She knelt over and with a chuckle, said, “some passengers think you're a marshal. You're the only one on the plane wearing a coat and tie. You look official. Thank you.” I said let him think so. Maybe I'll be one for this flight. The man remained quiet for the entire flight. As we deplaned and walked up the concourse, a gentleman got my attention and said, “They told me you're posing as me.” You did a good job. I looked at him and said, “but you aren't wearing a coat and tie.” You're not official. OK, it's not an inspirational story, but it is an amusing memory from a time that was far from amusing in other ways. The attack was such an assault on all of America and a huge price was paid by so many good people. Yet, so many do not recognize the full impact of it, even today. I suppose we could start with Michael Bloomberg. It is not too difficult to make the case tha t America is being destroyed from within, once insidiously and now blatantly. Can the decline be halted?
Posted by Dr. Joe A. Mann at 4:22 PM 1 comment:


THE ECONOMIC MELTDOWN -- 3 people most responsible, reprinted from Newsmax t

 I am reprintinn this article from Newsmax of today's date in part to justify my pervious post on who and what caused the meltdown of the economy as I try to dispel the dishonest claims of the Obama supporters ...."failed policies of the past." We had a failure, to be sure, but not quite like Obama, Clinton and their shills report. Note the Clinton-Rubin connection and, of course, Larry Summers who followed as Obama's chief economic advisor after losing a Billion plus dollars for Harvard's endowment fund. Note also Gramm and Gramm-Bliley I referred to. This is the first write I have seen with this specificity since the collapse in 2008. HOWEVER, THE AUTHOR LEAVES OUT ONE IMPORTANT PLAYER WHO SIGNED OFF ON THE LEGISLATION AND ISSUED AN EXECUTIVE ORDER THAT LED TO THE EXPLOSION OF SUB-PRIME MORTGAGES FOR THESE BANKERS TO FEED UPON THROUGH FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC.......PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON.
JAM, 11 SEPT. 2012.

The Three Washington Insiders Who Helped Wall Street Destroy America

by Shah Gilani, Editor, Wall Street Insights & Indictments
There are millions of Americans who sense there’s something terribly wrong with our capitalist system. They can’t pinpoint exactly what it is.
But I can.
Bad actors have done bad things to good institutions and our capitalist system. Today, I’m going to let you in on who three of those bad actors are.
You see, part of the problem is that when we think of the “bad guys” on Wall Street, or in Washington for that matter, we don’t often think of specific people. We talk about “them” as faceless men we might imagine sitting in luxurious high-rises chewing on cigars and laughing as they rake in millions, or even billions of dollars on the backs of hardworking Americans.
I intend to fix that. I want to shed light on the faces of the people who are gaming the system and lay out before you the tools they’re using to get away with it.
And I’m going to start with some of the biggest perpetrators behind this mess we’re in.

The Three Bears

There are hundreds of bad actors on Wall Street, but three in particular tell the inside story of how appallingly corrupt our country has become. They are:
  • Robert Rubin, who spent 26 years at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS), before becoming Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration.
  • Lawrence Summers, who came out of the World Bank and was Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under his pal Rubin before becoming Treasury Secretary himself in 1999.
  • And Phil Gramm, once a practicing economist who served as a Republican Senator for Texas from 1985 to 2002.
These are the men who – with help of then-Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan – interfered with the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), an important regulatory body, to squash any regulation of derivatives.
And now the notoriously murky derivatives market, which was hugely responsible for the 2008 financial crisis, has grown into a $600 trillion trouble spot for the economy.
This group of very influential and powerful men made sure there was no oversight of derivatives products and markets. None.
While that was an incredible gift to Wall Street’s biggest banks and hedge funds, the Three Bears (I call them that because their actions drove us into the systemic economic bear market from which we’re still struggling to emerge) weren’t done yet.
Not even close.

The Beginning of the End

On April 6, 1998, Citicorp and Travelers Group announced that they would merge into a single company.
But there was a problem.
At the time, such a merger would have violated the Glass Steagall Act.
If you’re not familiar with it, the Glass Steagall Act is – or rather was – a piece of Depression-era legislation that established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) and mandated the separation of commercial banks, investment banks, and insurance companies. It incorporated other practical and prudent regulations enacted to safeguard investors and the public, as well.
But, lessons learned from the Depression were eventually forgotten – or maybe more precisely, steamrolled - by a sweeping deregulatory movement that took root in 1980.
On the day of the announced combination, Traveler’s Chairman, Sandy Weill, addressed impediments to the merger in the New York Times, noting that current law would allow the new Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) time to divest itself of assets in order to comply with Glass-Steagall.
However, he ominously added: “We are hopeful that over time the legislation will change.”
Just one year later, it did.
The same powerful group of influence-peddling government insiders overturned Glass-Steagall in November 1999, so the illegal merger didn’t have to be reversed. The law that obliterated the prudent separation of FDIC-backed commercial banks and swing-for-the-fences investment banks became known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
This act is what paved the way for giant, financial super firms that are so intertwined in the financial markets they’re now all considered “too-big-to-fail.”

An Eerie Epilogue

So what happened to our three players?
Were they penalized or held accountable for the undermining of our economy and the implosion of markets?
No. They were rewarded.
Robert Rubin went to work for the new Citigroup as a senior advisor of the firm. Rubin made $126 million in cash and stock during his eight years of service, while the bank leveraged itself up by using depositor money.
It had to be bailed out in 2008.
Lawrence Summers reportedly took some $20 million from D.E. Shaw & Co., a giant hedge fund that dabbles in derivatives, for a two-year stint doing something nobody at the firm could confirm.
And Phil Gramm, the venerable Texas senator, upon retiring from that powerful position, immediately became vice chairman of the investment bank division of UBS AG (NYSE: UBS).
Yes, UBS – the same Swiss bank that in 2008 had to be backstopped by the Swiss National Bank when its overleveraged and derivatives-laden balance sheet imploded. The same bank that later paid $780 million to settle criminal charges over its conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and federal government of legitimately owed taxes.
These are the kinds of things that are taking place every day thanks to Wall Street’s influence over our executive and legislative branches of government. And you better believe that average Americans and the Occupy Wall Street protestors can sense that, and they know they should be angry. They just can’t put their finger on why.
I can.
That's because I am a Wall Street guy who spent 30 years working within the system. I studied economics and started my career as a trader on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). I ran the futures and options division of a giant international money-center bank.
I’ve done everything from trading bonds and mortgage-backed securities to running my own hedge funds. And I have hundreds of stories full of corruption and greed – just like this one.
Not everyone on Wall Street is a bad actor. Most of the professionals working in the capital markets across America are good and honest people.
But, there are plenty of kingpins and kingmakers whose greed is so disgusting they will sink the American dream for their own fistful of dollars.
It’s time we had better insights into what’s really going on, and it's past time to indict some of these bad actors.
So stay tuned...

Shah Gilani

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today Newsmax reports that a top official in Iran has stated that "if Israel strikes Iran, Iran will attack the United States. Hezbollah has been building a base in the "Triple Frontier" of S.America for a dozen years or more. I learned of it while stranded in Mexico during 9/11/2001 and reported it soon thereafter. For inexplicable reasons, the political left refused to believe it. in May 2007, it was finally repofted by Telemundo and NBC by a Robert Wundham. By 2001, more than 12,000 reports were available.

In spite of these references, when I reported it again in 2001, a leftist activist in my town still called me a liar. He didn't even look at the references. Now there are >120,000 and Hzbollah is infiltratinn Mexico and the drug traffickers. It is incomprehensible that this could become a political issue with the far left ignoring reality and condemning those of us who have firsthand information. A sign of the times. U;timately, this problem can be charged to Carter and his ineptitude in 1979 when he supported Khomeini as "a saint" and threw the Shah under the bus.

Please go to left corner at top of this blog and search "Mistakes, some are forever." Read the post on Carter and some others.

Friday, September 7, 2012



Wednesday, September 5, 2012


If you have the stomach for Jason Biggs' scurrilous, vile comments about Ann Romney, Janna Ryan and other women, go this site and be prepared to be sickened. This clown is on Nickelodeon's children's shows. It is even reported by individuals, but not by major media, that he has spoken of chile rape. This is the ultimate abuse of  "free speech" that has become a mantra an a crutch for abrogating all tenets of moral and ethics.

Like it or not this is becoming the image of the once proud Democratic Party and is illustrative of the sub-cultural attitude now pervasive in our nation. Once again, the Democratic Party of my forebearers is no more. It is controlled by these sub-cultural miscreants. Why do I say this. The entertainment industry is a haven for leftist activism and support leftist candidates nearly en mass.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Obama's speeches of 2012 are the same as 2008. Promises, claims and requests are exactly the same words. He is programmed!


ECONOMY – “FAILED POLICIES OF THE PAST LED TO MELTDOWN” – TRUTH VS. OBAMA'S MANTRA --- (please go to post “Economy of the '90s, " July 11, 2012,  for other major contributing factors to the economy of the '90s, the Clinton presidency.

This article is being posted to give some TRUTH regarding the misleading mantra of President Obama and his supporters about “failed policies of the past"  leading to the economic meltdown in 2008.

It is also being posted in anticipation of Bill Clinton's Democratic Convention speech. If his preliminary commentary last week is a measure of what he will say in his keynote or nominating speech, CLINTON WILL MAKE THE SAME CLAIMS in spite of the fact that his executive decision in 1994, with Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin's urging, led to the meltdown of the housing industry....and the general economy.

I posted on July 11, 2012, an article I published in 2004 about the major factors that contributed to the good economy of the '90s – all except the housing bubble that lasted from mid-'90s until the meltdown in 2008. I urge readers to click onto July posts or enter “Economy of the '90s” in the search block at top left of the opening blog page and read the post. I wrote the article to counter the ridiculous claims, of Robert Rubin, that the housing boom resulted from Clinton's tax increases that “took the pressure off the long bond” and the even more ludicrous claim  from Robert Reich, Labor Secretary, that “we invested in education and healthcare that made workers more productive.”

So, what's the truth about the housing bubble and the resultant meltdown that took the whole economy down with it? The “Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of President Carter in 1977 was the precursor. The intent was to get more low-income people into houses. It had a positive, but modest, effect on housing for a long while. Then, in 1994-95 President Clinton, with urging from Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin (of the banking industry), signed and executive order that opened the so-called “house for everyone” funding floodgates. Qualifications for mortgage loans were reduced so low as to be meaningless – even nothing for some. No-document loans (“no-docs”) were common. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the lenders who bought up the mortgages and fed on these excesses.

In 1995, housing sales increased nearly 2.5 times over the year earlier and 4 times any peak seen since 1977. Sub-prime loans became the norm. Banks were intimidated (by the likes of ACORN and others) to grant loans to normally unqualified people. Other banks simply fell in line to feed at the mortgage trough. Mortgage loan production people were even paid bonuses for bringing what has to be called bad credit. People with little qualification were granted variable rate mortgages, loans on which interest rates were increased to give yields to bankers beyond the original rates. The large banks, not known for their great integrity, fed off this opportunity.

Then in 1999, Gramm-Bliley repealed Glass-Stegall and other financial institutions joined the feeding frenzy.

I'll hasten to add that sub-prime mortgages were not the only engine of the housing boom. Sales of all price ranges of houses with all levels of “qualified” buyers boomed. The sub-prime crash took all down all levels.

Wall Street commercial and investment banks took advantage of the housing “bubble.” They bundled mortgages, especially those with increasing variable rates, and sold them to investors as “collateralized Debt Obligations” (CDO's) and “Structured Investment Vehicles,” (SIV's) – in other words, investments with no assets to back them up. Mortgage companies such as Countrywide, run by Angelo Mozillo fed off this trend. So did politicians. Senator Chris Dodd was one such trough feeder. Dodd was one of the Senators charged with regulation of the financial industry. Congressman Barney Frank was his lead partner from the House. Dodd was also a “friend of Angelo” and benefited with a favored mortgage as such. Other politicians were similar. Sen. Kent Conrad was said to be one.

Now, what media and others, especially Obama and those who still want to blame Bush for the meltdown, don't bother to report (forget!) is that George Bush tried to reign in Fannie and Freddie, first in 2003 and again in 2005. Dodd and Frank led the charge in defeating Bush's initiative. Now Dodd has resigned and Frank will not seek his office again, nor will Konrad. Wonder why?

So, when Bill Clinton says “the failed policies of the past are responsible for the economic downturn still being experienced, he will be right with regard to the financial meltdown --- and he will be speaking of himself as the perpetrator in 1994-95. Truth will hurt some who learn this, many will simply ignore it and others will claim I am not telling the truth. I've experienced that more than a few times by those who refuse to face reality.

Please go to “Economics of the '90s”, July 11, 2012, in this blog for details on '90s economics. Thank you.