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Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama-Medvedev -- plea for "space" -- Beckel shilling

Obama shill, Bob Beckel, is already spinning on FOX News that Obama's plea to Medvedev is "no big deal" and even justifies it a long needed approach to the missle treaties. It's time to document some of these Obama moves. More to come.


If anyone has had doubts about Obama's intentions when re-elected, those doubts should be dispelled after hearing his open-mic (unexpected) plea to Russian President Medvedev  for "space," to deal with missle treaties, until after he is reelected. It must be assumed as 100% certain that he understands that the American people oppose more concessions to the Russians, and hence just might vote their displeasure.

Also, it would be foolish of anyone to believe that Obama doesn't have intentions of subordinating (even subverting) the wishes of the American people to his own prejudices .............. and needs for his future agenda.

I look for solid indisputable issues, statements, actions etc. to define a person. This is the "method" that I used to finally relegate Santorum to also ran status last week.Obama's plea to Medvedev is such a defining act -- subversion.

I will no longer have any doubt, none at all, that Obama intends to govern as an Imperialist, continuing to circumvent Congress and flout the Rule of Law. He will be a one-man show, surrounded by extremist radicals who share his beliefs and will benefit from his power. I have never taken such a position with any candidate for office, but Obama is not just any person.More and more it is legitimate to assume his sealed records define him in ways that are not acceptable. Why seal them if not.

I will not anticipate hearing much about this from his sycophantic media. I'll expect his shills to change the subject as they always do.

Traditional America is in the winter season of her life with Obama as president. Sad, but true!

Friday, March 23, 2012


This letter asking for unity was issued specifically to the Republican Committee in James City County Virginia. I would issue the same plea to all Americans of whatever political persuasion, to analyze the actions of President Obama and AG Holder, understand what their goals are and vote to remove them. Clearly the best among us don't run for office. Moreover, the better of those nominated don't always win. But, America's national condition is critical and the transformation to a fully collective entitlement-driven state must be stopped. A perfect candidate, one who satisfies us on all our issues will not be found. The goal is to remove Obama.

JANUARY 25, 2012

Dear Fellow Republicans:

I regret that I cannot be with you in the January meeting to participate in plans for dealing with issues this year. Before I make a few comments about 2012, I want to express sincere thanks to the committee and to all individuals who helped our own Mike Watson capture the 93rd House of Delegates seat. Also, special thanks are due the individuals who took on the onerous UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI. Mary Jones deserves our gratitude for initiating and carrying this issue to the BOS as do Messrs. Goodson and Kennedy for providing the votes to divorce James City County from ICLEI. Undoubtedly, this decision will be challenged by the new BOS and your efforts to maintain the divorce must continue. JCC budget issues must receive our attention also. Now, however, highest priority must shift to the presidential and senatorial elections this year.

I strongly suggest to you that the presidential election of 2012 will be the most important one since 1860. Arguably, our nation is as polarized now as she was then. Moreover, it is indisputable that President Obama is using polarizing class warfare to divide and conquer Americans, his reelection strategy while he slights governance. Defeating Obama must be of highest priority. This is not to minimize the importance of the senatorial election, but an effective effort to elect a president will lend coattails to the senate candidate more effectively than will the senatorial one to the presidential election.

I know that some are of the opinion that the senatorial election should be priority number one. I understand that reasoning. In traditional circumstances, separation of powers would make this true. However, with a nontraditional President and a rogue Justice Department, neither of which abide by the Constitution and the Rule of Law, it is mandatory that both be replaced. If not, traditional America will be transformed into a nation of their prejudices and preconceptions – collectivism. Without need to be elected, Obama will take whatever action he wants. His declaration to govern without Congress for now must be interpreted as permanent. It is not unrealistic to think of his seeking to be president for longer than four more years. Think life! And, a leftist Supreme Court majority would make radical control permanent. It's legitimate to think Marxism.

The critical issue for 2012 will be to “get out the Republican vote (GOTV).” Unity, with all Republicans working for a common purpose, will be vitally necessary. Conflict over single issues of governance will be counterproductive and must be avoided. In the 2008 presidential election, James City County Republicans set a standard for GOTV that was recognized statewide. Hundreds of volunteers came together to accomplish a record-setting Republican vote. Such a performance must be repeated this year...starting now. All of you who participated then can congratulate yourselves, but you must have a repeat performance. Winning elections is all about numbers. If all units of the RPV had done what you did in 2008, Obama would not have won Virginia. Similar national efforts would have precluded having a radical tyrannical President Obama.

A key to GOTV is found in people working well together – and enjoying doing so. A key element to working together effectively will be found in a well-run Headquarters Operation. The Headquarters should be highly visible and it must be a welcoming environment, not only for committee members and campaign operatives, but for the community at large, as well as visitors. I still remember visiting headquarters in other states and being welcomed warmly. We have a rather unique opportunity to reach nonresidents by being in Williamsburg. Let's leverage ourselves to the maximum extent.

Effective precinct organization is mandatory to maximizing the vote count. However, it is indisputable that having opinion leaders operating in each community is also of great importance. It's low-tech, but has always been effective.

I also encourage you to use all technology available. The opposition will be well armed and reinforced.
They are already staffing up and the area will be filled with union operatives and others from all over the USA. It is also reasonable to assume their recent reorganization results from strategic focus on special operatives (aka professional hacks) and is, in all likelihood, playing out nationwide. This election will be the dirtiest, most dishonest and corrupt in history.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Joe Mann


Rick Santorum's assertion that Americans vote for Obama if he were not nominated epitomizes the misguided campaigns of some of the Republican candidates. I've taken criticism from a few conservatives for being critical of the debates and the way candidates have presented themselves. Their bantering about personal issues while contesting who is the "most conservative"  ignores the reality that, for the sake of preserving TRADITIONAL AMERICA, Obama must be denied a 2nd term. Their approach has been not only self-serving but idiotic. 

Santorum's proclamation disqualifies him if other issues have not! 

To-date I have not endorsed a candidate. I've waited and watched critically not only to see how each deals with issues but also to see how each candidate  presents himself/herself.  
Of critical importance is that the candidate must understand the necessity to stop an Imperialist Obama in his transformation of America to a centrally controlled entitlement state -- collectivism. Santorum just failed in this understanding! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The foundation of the socialist ideology is that man cannot govern himself.  Since this is the premise, the practitioners of socialism must control individual liberty, and they do so without regards to the means employed. To the socialist, the utopian end is noble - yet it is an end without conscience.
Socialism is not an easy sell. It is not a natural state of man. Many fall victim to its siren song simply because they do not value their liberty. Some individuals willingly accept whatever the socialist provides under the guise of “fairness and justice”. They believe they have a right to live at the expense of others. These individuals are the putty of the socialist.
Socialism must suppress and alter a nation’s identity, culture and traditions. This is done through the co-opting of educational institutions, the news and entertainment media, religious institutions, charities and select interest groups. Ideological tolerance is built slowly so as to minimize alarm, - and then suddenly when a sufficient crisis occurs. Economic devastation combined with political corruption and excess is a perfect trigger for the sudden rise of socialism.
Socialism depends on a charismatic leader who promises hope and change. With a small numbers of committed individuals and other “useful idiots”, such leaders have been able to takeover discontented societies. Socialism needs distractions in the form of some hated class, external threat or even God to distract from socialism’s failures.
Because socialism suppresses the individual, it also suppresses individual creativity and productivity. Essentially, the results of an individual’s efforts are given to others based on some arbitrary and capricious formula of want and need.
Socialism, once established, is difficult to eliminate. To be successful politically, the socialist society must impose itself on virtually every individual action and thought. In socialist democracies, control of the individual takes the form of ever expanding entitlements and regulations. In the worst of socialist societies, individuals are enslaved within a police state structure where criticism is treated harshly.
To the socialist, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are irrelevant. The rule of law, economic accountability, national borders, and anything or anyone that identifies with the past is not only useless but dangerous. The only wisdom that is valued is that which comes from the socialist playbook.
The bottom line is that a socialist society is mechanistic. Individuals are productive or unproductive biological units to be nurtured, or denied nurture, based on government derived health and welfare criteria.
The socialist likes to portray socialism as the savior of mankind. In truth, it is a great and inherently destructive evil.
Submitted by Dr. Robert Warren, PhD to The Virginia Gazette


For a few months news agencies have reported enthusiastically that unemployment is decreasing. They would have us believe that the economy is improving dramatically. Unemployment of 8.3% is suddenly a level to be enthusiastic about. It isn't, of course. Moreover, it isn't accurate either. What the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) doesn't report is that 8.3% is number derived after 1.2 million people were taken off the jobless rolls because they gave up seeking work. Put the 1.2 million people (still not employed!) back in the equation and, lo and behold, the number is still 8.9%. Who and what can we believe?

We can expect more subterfuge as the remaking of Obama continues to influence the November election.

Oh, that reminds me that Obama "saved the auto industry" that is coming back by leaps and bounds. But, it isn't. Not really, but that's another topic for another post.


Leftist Obama shill, Bob Beckel, admitted on FOX NEWS that the General Fund debt to the Social Security Trust Fund, now on SS's balance sheet at $4.9 Trillion, is DEBT THAT WON'T BE PAID.

I have written and spoken often that the debt to GDP ratio is falsely reported as approximately 70% while it has actually been 100% ($14T debt, $14T GDP) until the debt ceiling was raised. With the increase in debt ceiling to $15.2 T, the debt to GDP is about 107%. To challenge my assertions, those reporting the low number simply state (even in print) that only "outside debt" is considered. NO OTHER EXPLANATION!

The only explanation had to be either: a) there is no intent to pay the debt from general funds or, b) the debt will be monetized (printed), hence drastically debasing the dollar (inflation!).

I wrote a note to FOX NEWS explaining this. Others must have done similarly. A few days ago the subject was discussed in a program with one of their too many leftist commentators, Bob Beckel, present.

Beckel "clarified" the issue when the Social Security debt was mentioned. HE SAID SIMPLY, "OH THAT'S DEBT WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY." 

Why many people do not want to know the truth is incomprehensible -- but many on the political left simply refuse to accept the reality, Why??

More later: It is much worse than 107% (how about 400%) when unfunded entitlements are calculated without massive tax increases.

More false reporting later.  How about unemployment statistics?? You don't have the real number!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Click here: Cathy Ruse: Limbaugh and Our Phony Contraception Debate -

This link is but one piece of information defining the true nature of Ms. Fluke's testimony. If Rush Limbaugh had taken a couple of days and had done a bit of research, he would have provided a service to all. He simply impulsively blew it.



Dr. Warren has made an investigation into the veracity of Ms. Fluke's testimony that Rush Limbaugh would have been wise to have made, as previously asserted here. By now readers probably have other information revealing obvious flaws in Ms. Fluke's testimony. However, media leftists still give it legitimacy as part of the so-called "attack on women" mantra.

Dr. Warren's Findings:
As I read through the testimony, particularly the part about Ms. Fluke's friend, I was struck by the cost of birth control - $3000 just didn't make sense. So, being a numbers guy, I decided to check things out. The first thing I did was check out the cost claim. It was wildly inflated to say the least. A woman with a prescription can go to the Georgetown Target store and get a months supply of commonly available generic birth control pills for $9 or a little over $100 per year. The most expensive birth control was about $50 per month. The only time I could find anything approaching $200 was for a doctor visit to check out a woman for STDs and give her an appropriate prescription.

Since Ms. Fluke had either lied or misstated the cost information, I decided to check the accuracy of her anecdote about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The use of COMMONLY AVAILABLE birth control pills is often used for treatment of excessive hair on a woman's body. Ms Fluke stated that her friend was a lesbian. PCOS involves an aberration in male hormones. Surgical removal of an ovary for this condition is not normal practice as laproscopic surgery can be used to drain the cysts. A cancerous ovary, however, would certainly involve ovarian surgery to remove the diseased organ and subsequent treatment could be expensive - a lot more than a few thousand. Ovarian cancer is certainly a serious and life threatening medical condition which should normally be covered under even the most limited of insurances.)

Interestingly, many of the women at Georgetown have tried to con the insurance company that operates under the guidance of Georgetown University. This company provides limited health care coverage meeting Georgetown's guideline, and those guidelines apparently exclude payment for birth control medications. (I speculate that what Georgetown does is provide its students with very low cost healthcare coverage, and the insurance company carefully checks any and all claims of medical need for the use of a birth control pill or medication.) Apparently, Ms Fluke's friend was unable to provide sufficient proof of medical need although how that is possible based on the situation doesn't make any sense to me. Once again, I suspect Ms. Fluke has either lied or misstated the situation.

Unfortunately, Rush Limbaugh made this idiocy personal rather than professional. I can certainly understand his skepticism, and am sufficiently certain that this is another one of the cleverly crafted sob stories of the left. However, he should know that you are not going to win an argument like this and his apology to Ms Fluke was appropriate not only because it was right to do so but also because it makes good business sense.

My bottom line: It appears that Ms. Fluke "cooked the books" rather substantially to make her statement and anecdote more significant. Rush got caught in the trap. Bob W.=


Americans can mark March 7, 2012 as the date that Progressive extremists openly and blatantly declared themselves anti-American using a basketball team of mostly minority Hispanic students as pawns. If you haven't heard, a mostly white basketball team won over a group of minority Hispanic players and celebrated by simply saying USA, USA repeatedly. So, the losing school district declares this to be racist act and is formally complaining. Who among you believe the losing students are responsible for this declaration? This is one of the most disgusting acts of the far left that I have witnessed to-date. You only have to view the leftist shills in the media (especially those on Fox News) as they defend this nonsense to know that this is a left-wing attack on traditional America – on patriotism.

For me, this is especially disappointing, and disgusting, since it involves Hispanics, with whom I have a long relationship, even though I am sure they are being used as convenient pawns. In 2007 I wrote, published and presented to President Bush a proposal to reform immigration policy. A key point of the proposal was, and is, to give Hispanics a path to citizenship. It only makes sense! But, some conservatives have criticized me, even harshly, with the mantra of...”this is amnesty.” It isn't, it's common sense as to what is best for all and, in fact, what is doable vs building ineffective walls and deporting 12-20 million people. Even next week I have a meeting, along with a colleague, with my congressman to discuss this proposal and possible legislation. If Hispanics let themselves be used as pawns, this is truly disappointing.

Who among you believe that the Progressives responsible for this despicable act (claim of racism) aren't emboldened by a president who supports their views and positions? Who believes this is not a deliberate act to support the president's efforts to divide and conquer Americans to win his positions?

Finally, this event is only a beginning as the media will make it their cause to promote. Sadly, that is what we have come to. More attacks on traditional America! How long before she is totally transformed? The presidential election this year will decide.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I've expressed my thoughts, about Rush Limbaugh's crude characterization of a Georgetown Law School student, whose name I will not repeat here. For the record, she was wrong in her statements and misrepresented the issue, including costs, of mandated financial coverage for contraception. She was, in fact, simply a SHILL FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA, who is a consummate master of getting people to do his bidding. The media supports him both explicitly and implicitly, even when he is wrong.

Many have spoken out about media bias, as well as Limbaugh's right of free speech, to legitimize his remark. There's truth in both. Let's take a brief look at media bias.

Left-wing Progressive and big Obama contributor, Bill Maher, to me one of the most repugnant public figures of all times, calls Sarah Palin a C*NT and it barely gets mentioned on cable news. Maher also verbally assaulted Michelle Bachman with crude names. He has asserted that anyone of faith is an “idiot” and “anyone who believes the Jesus story is a fool.” I heard these comments in a CNN interview while visiting with my terminally ill mother whose faith sustained her for her lifetime, especially the last 20 years after my father's death.

Maxine Waters can tell honorable and orderly Tea Party participants to go “straight to hell” and it makes a 10 second spot on cable news..... don't know if it was even covered on the networks. Most recently Waters called Republican Congressional Leaders, Boehner and Cantor, “demons.” Barely a mention. Oh by the way, Waters was also a subject of ethics violation, but somehow that inquiry has gone nowhere. Just remembered, so did the inquiry into Charles Rangel's tax evasion. What happened?Not even a smack on the wrist.

Then there is none other than VP Biden who calls Tea Party people “Barbarians.” That's OK with the media. If one follows left-wing economist and columnist, Paul Krugman, as well as Margaret Carlson, far left US editor of ultra far left socialist publication, The Time, as well as Progressive “entertainer,” Jeneane Girafolo, you will learn that Tea Party folks are “Terrorists.” But, you'd have to watch cable and then for maybe 10 seconds to have heard the comments. Where's the outrage?

Then there's Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President, who called Tea Party people “Sons-of-Bitches” in the presence of Mr. Obama who did nothing to rebut. He even praised Trumka, as Trumka told the president that “we (union members) are your army and are ready to fight and take them out.” Clearly a threat. But, NO outrage! Why?

How about the questioning of Republican candidates in the debates? George Stephanopoulos' spectacle of asking repeatedly if Santorum (and maybe Romney) would ban contraception. The subject came out of the blue, a surprise with nothing to prompt it. We thought so anyway. Then comes Obama's push for Catholic institutions to provide free contraception. Coincidental, right? Not at all. This was a classic set-up by another media shill for the president. Of course, there's NBC's David Gregory asking one of the Republicans “what would you do that would cause the Republicans pain?” Nuts, but no bias!

Oh, I nearly forgot that Ed Schultz, MSNBC's shill for the far-left, called Laura Ingraham a “slut.” His apology got a lot of face time on TV. Prejudice?? Yes. In fact, all of MSNBC's so-called anchors have been as guilty as Limbaugh, and repeatedly, of remarks as egregious as his.

How many know of President Obama's recent meeting with only left-wing journalists? Who will doubt that such meetings are to assure the journalists have the right talking points? Where's the news on this?

There's much more evidence of media bias. However, none of this justifies Limbaugh's crass  comment. He is a public figure. Most importantly, he is viewed by the media as a major spokesman for Republicans. He has no right to represent all of us with such imprudent remarks. He could have done a service to all Americans if he had gotten the facts, which Ms. Fluke misrepresented, and told the truth to all. He didn't and that was a disservice.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Some question why I am not a fan of Rush Limbaugh and don't listen to him even when he's correct on the issues. His most recent stupid statement that is dominating news is but one example of why I do not consider him a spokesman for me and my conservative ideals. He does some good work, but he can in one misguided moment, negate the positives with his rhetoric. He just did it again.

Limbaugh's calling the law student, who was testifying for the Obama administration's misguided mandate for providing contraceptives at no cost to users, a "slut" was not only insulting, it was crude. It was of no benefit in the debate. Call it what it was – stupid! Moreover to my dismay, Limbaugh is viewed and promoted by the media as a major spokesman for conservatives. Therefore, when he misspeaks, he doesn't just damage himself and his revenue stream, he affects all of us who honestly and fervently believe that defeating Obama is top priority if we are to maintain traditional America as we have known her. Such stupidity will change the debate for weeks, maybe for months, and will enhance the pro-Obama vote in November. Such stupidity distracts from legitimate discourse on critical issues. Of course, the media will love that diversion and already exhibit their pleasure on the Sunday talk shows.

Those who argue that the media's leftist bias is a problem are absolutely right. Yes, the media too often shill for the political left and can be actual enemies of anyone opposing the left. But, why give the enemy ammunition for their weapons – their mouths, their megaphones? Some are like vultures but why feed them? Limbaugh is but one more example of intellect not equating with wisdom or judgement. Some will call this arrogant. It is what it is! Truth.

Yes, the media are profoundly biased. The next post will address that issue. This post, however, is to express disapproval, even disgust, with Limbaugh's latest insulting comment, a remark that deflected the debate on a mandate, which many view as wrongheaded, to discussion of Limbaugh and his verbal proclivities. He helps president Obama get his way even when Obama is wrong. That's not smart and it's wrong for America.

Friday, March 2, 2012


To: Wall Street Journal
Subject: Austin Goolsbee's op-ed re Jeremy Lin and America's “New Export”

On 22 February 2012 former Obama Administration Economic Advisor, Austin Goolsbee wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal asserting that the sports memorabilia resulting from the sudden fame of Jeremy Lin of the NY Nicks would substantially affect exports from the USA. Utterly inexplicable!!
I wrote and submitted a rebuttal with some explanation. I post it to demonstrate just how inept and out of sync with reality some of those in government can be, especially the academic leftist economists. It's impossible to know how they think. Rebuttal is below.

Austin Goolsbee's contention (WSJ op-ed 22 Feb) that “Linsanity” represents “America's New Exports” can legitimately be said to reveal his own mental condition – Linsanity without the L. His contention that the revenues resulting from Lin's popularity and like events will offset decreased exports of manufactured goods is nothing if not ridiculous. For decades, left-wing academic economists have been deceiving themselves, and the public as well, that “services” offset loss of manufacturing both domestically and in exports. In three decades manufacturing as percent of GDP has decreased by half to 11% today. Further, manufacturing employment in the USA now is only 9% of total, down from 21% three decades ago. Even that doesn't accurately reflect a real comparative condition since manufacturing is quite different from 30 years ago.

Moreover, the government data generators plug anything into the manufacturing component to inflate the ratio. The stretch to inflate it is epitomized by a publication in March 2010 by Clyde Prestowitz of the “Campaign for America's Future. He cited toilet tissue, plywood and catalogs as items we will always manufacture in the USA. Wow! It's difficult to take this as serious journalism. There is no mention of the long list of consumer commodities, both non-durable and durable, that are no longer produced in quantity in the USA. Included would be most apparel, most primary textiles (fabrics) and shoes as well as the machinery to make them. How about electronic goods, appliances, tools, and more? Yes, whole manufacturing industries have disappeared and others, such as steel and plastics, have been greatly diminished. Reasons for these losses are clear to those of us who have “lived” in manufacturing. However, the whole truth is never revealed for political reasons. This is a subject for another day, but many do not want to know the truth, especially about union excesses and regulations.

While “services” have been touted for decades as the savior of the American economy, history must be ignored and reality suspended to believe it. Even cursory analysis of our current national economic condition reveals a significant fallacy in such assertions. The financial industry now controls the economy as some with more credibility than I have written (John Bogle for one). Who is willing to deny the problems that such dominance has wrought.

In no way do I mean to discount the value of, and need for, strong financial and other services. However, one major problem differentiates today's national condition from the era when manufacturing was the underpinning of our economy. Fraud and corruption on a large scale is nearly impossible in manufacturing. It's easy, and clearly a problem, in the Financial Industry.

So, stretch reality and the truth as far as you can and there is no way that services, as Mr. Goolsbee and others speak of, can grow the GDP to provide the jobs and revenue to satisfy the voracious appetite of the current government for taxes. Nor will they increase exports adequately to even our current account imbalance – EVEN WITH LINSANITY EXPORTS. No kidding! The leftist economists ignore the reality of our import/export imbalance and citizens believe them. Sad, but true.

J. A. Mann, PhD
Williamsburg, VA 23185